New: Math Olympiad Contest & Class

This month, Fun learning Place has become one of the Math Olympiads contest centers and we are qualified to host the contests. A lot of mathletes began their math “careers” and had fun on this platform. We are organizing the Fun Learning Place Math Olympiads Team now (for Elementary Level only this time; please check: for more information). There are five competitions in the middle of Nov, Dec, Jan, Feb, and March. We will send you the contest dates once we determine these. Your child has two options to be the team member to join the contests: Join our classes or just join the five times contests.

Please contact us at

Looking for Volunteer Opportunities? Fun Learning Place Welcomes You

Fun Learning Place is a non-profit educational organization. We provide volunteer opportunities for high school students. They will work with our young children online with their talents, interests and skills to help their social emotional needs and promote their learning as well. For example, you may teach the young students to play chess, or assist them to practice instruments, such as piano, violin, etc., or bring some interesting topics to discuss with them.

If you are interested, please contact