Our Mission

To Provide best after-school care program for our students and parents.

Our Goal

Fun Learning Place is an educational non-profit organization. We are licensed by the Department of Early Education and Care in Massachusetts. Since 2014, several hundred students have enrolled in our program. Our goal is to provide the best after school learning program for the students in our communities. Not only do we prepare our students with pure math, reading and writing knowledge in both English and Chinese but also build up the skills needed throughout their K-12 academic growth and social development. 

We focus on designing a unique individualized study goal for each student. And we work closely with the students who are supported enthusiastically by their parents to promote their creativity and curiosity in the process of completing their learning plans. During this process, the students will learn and develop time management skills,  elevate organizational capabilities, concentrate on their studies, finally achieve their goals and become independent, self motivated and confident individuals.