Our writing classes are for grade 3 – 8 students. In these classes students learn to write in a variety of forms including public speech and writing, descriptive writing, argumentative writing, and persuasive writing and poetry learning and writing, lab report and research paper, business letters and so on. The students will have a complete curriculum designed for 5 year program. You may choose part of it according to your kids’ needs. Since March/2021, we started to serve nation wide students online besides our local students.  And during the pandemic time, we added grade 9 to help our kids to enhance their English study.  


Erin – Erin has a B.A. from Tufts University and an M.Ed. from Harvard University.   She has worked as a test-prep teacher and coach, has taught English, Math, and College Essay writing courses, and has worked for a number of years in higher education career counseling at Harvard University and Boston University. She is an avid biker and athlete and lives with her partner and two young children in Boston, MA. 

Heather – Heather has an undergraduate degree in political theory and math at Williams College and a Ph.D. in English literature at University of Virginia. She has tutored and taught literature, political theory, the SAT and ACTs for twenty years while working on a lot of curriculum designs as a full time job.

John – John was born in Worcester, Massachusetts, where his mother was a high school English teacher for several decades. Passionately interested in cultural diversity, John received his bachelor’s degree in cultural anthropology from Columbia University and his master’s in folklore from Indiana University’s Folklore Institute. He has taught high school and middle school English for over two and a half decades in New England, New York, New Jersey, and Japan; recently, he completed the first draft of a novel for young people. Currently, John lives in southern New Hampshire, where he enjoys reading, writing, performing, and exploring local history with his wife and cats.


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